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The Merging of Minds

Success is a moving target—one that requires constant scrutiny for improvements. This is particularly true in today’s fast-paced business world. Much of TENSHI’s success in the advertising industry can be attributed to this approach. Jin Kazama, a man in many ways the personification of the company culture, who also happens to be one of the founders and CEO of TENSHI, would often drill us on the concept of “running as a meritocracy that never settles for mediocrity.” It is with this in mind that Dessert Professional, the premiere global media and authority for professionals in the dessert and culinary industry, partnered with TENSHI after having successfully worked with us as a client. It was not a mere partnering of companies, but a merging of minds with an aligned vision. Our collective goal has been divided into two major partitions: the magazine’s readers and its advertisers.

Readers Are the Brand Engagement

We began by defining a vision, a mission, and our goal for Dessert Professional, The Magazine Online:

The goal of the Dessert Professional Online Magazine is to be a source of inspiration for our readers. We celebrate art and expertise, share knowledge, and empower our readers to pursue their own passions in the dessert industry. We want to inspire our readership to create unimaginable works of art, to build character, to hone technique, and to venture into business with an emphasis on the artistry and creativity of dessert.

With the launch of the redesigned, the readers found a new, enhanced and immersive experience, one which, if we may add, has received several international awards in the web and mobile categories to date. We extended this success by engaging our audience with relevant, unimpeded content in the online magazine, the Connect social network, social marketing, and events to develop multifaceted relationships that benefit both our readers and our clients.

Advertisers Become Partners

A key area of concentration to ensure the growth of the magazine was to offer our existing and new advertisers our integrated solutions with a new capacity: to strategize and execute custom, integrated and effective marketing and advertising solutions across several media, including digital, print and experiential events and sponsorships. Specializing in developing campaigns that are advertiser- and audience-specific, and being well equipped to target the right demographic through cutting-edge techniques, combined with consumer psychology and psychographics, TENSHI has since launched several advertising campaigns that have increased lead generation for our advertisers (by more than 600% in certain cases) with the integration of TENSHI’s Launchtel digital advertising platform.

DessertWorld Media: The Key Players

In keeping with specialization and running as a meritocracy, two of TENSHI’s own have been appointed to key positions in Dessert Professional and its publisher, DessertWorld Media. Michelle Guiles, TENSHI’s Art Director and Operations Director now serves as the Managing Editor of, handling the day-to-day operations of the magazine, while Jin Kazama, TENSHI’s CEO and Creative Director, now serves as the magazine’s Executive Strategic Director. Matthew K. Stevens serves as the Editor-in-Chief, while Tish Boyle serves as the Editor of Dessert Professional.

Author(s): Haley Rivers, Junior Copywriter, & TENSHI Staff.

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