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A tranquil retreat from Shanghai’s fast-paced lifestyle, Enhance Anting Golf Club and Resort is China’s preeminent golf course complex. Designed by renowned architect Robert Trent Jones II, a lifetime member and former President of the American Society of Golf Course Architects, and designer of over 500 golf courses worldwide, Enhance has received several accolades of high standing. Looking for an extension of their success and acclaim, Enhance partnered with TENSHI to deliver a unified experience to its members in collaterals and an online presence.

Starting with the concept of a brand

We take a systematic and detailed approach to all our work—blame it on the vision of our fearless leaders or their backgrounds in science and engineering. So it isn’t uncommon in our company culture to break a project down to its molecular level. For Enhance, we started by defining the concept of a brand before we determined a direction for a cohesive brand through all mediums.

What is a brand? Though seemingly an easy question to answer, it is, in fact, quite complicated. We felt that a brand is much more than a product manufactured under a particular banner or company. As our Art Director, Michelle Guiles, eloquently put it, “Effective branding will weave a thread through every way your business communicates to customers.” Hm. A thread, being woven through every point that reaches a customer.

Jin Kazama (one of our fearless leaders mentioned above) summarizes. “In every successful example of branding, every experience or interaction a customer has with a product leads back to a direct connection with the brand. Every physical location of a company offers a unified experience from store to store. This is why visual merchandising is a big deal, why making use of schematics and planograms is paramount to retail businesses—not only does it simplify the offerings or products, it also creates the marque.”

Not Unlike a Planogram

So then, back to the task at hand. The key for Enhance was to create visual representations of each aspect of the golf course complex and resort that defined its peaceful luxury and elegance.

The Boyuan Villa development and its architectural marriage with the adjoining Crowne Plaza Hotel is an exclusive community that is thoughtfully integrated into the course. The detached villas showcase a European styling and with the surrounding Wusong River, the brand message is clear—an extravagant-yet-peaceful lifestyle retreat from the hustle and bustle of Shanghai, a mere 30 minutes away.

Determining the significance and impact each of these elements had on the target audience, much like POGs in visual merchandising, we defined the position of these elements and their placement within the framework of the audience experience, visualizing the elements in the order that the audience would. Taking these crucial insights, along with psychographic variables, TENSHI developed a brand experience package, including a brand manual and expansion model, key areas for improvement in brand experience, including an online reservation system and translations of the physical spaces into an online presence—one with a cohesive message and thread through all of Enhance’s holdings.

TENSHI’s brand and systems concepts manual, complete with 10-point customer experience ideas and online reservation system improvements.

Author(s): Haley Rivers, Junior Copywriter, & TENSHI Staff.

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