Keeping up with the times can be a daunting task for any organization, but, for OSTA, the Austrian government’s representing office in North America, the challenge held more weight. A key resource for Austrian scientists in North America and the office for Austrian transatlantic science and technology policy, the Austrian Embassy’s Office of Science and Technology, Washington D.C., selected us to lead a complete digital brand overhaul for the office and its programs, which would connect them with their target demographic, and to develop a plan for updating the systems on which it runs. Chief among those programs were the OSTA Scientist Network, a network that provides a strategic foundation for Austrian scientists and scholars in North America, and Bridges, the embassy’s online magazine on S&T policy, which has been in publication for over a decade.

Change Begins with Understanding

Knowing when and how to change is a challenge faced by brands across all industries, and, unfortunately, flocking to the latest social media trend is too often mistaken for “keeping up.” Developing a measured strategy for renovation is crucial to a brand’s growth, and stagnation or haphazard ‘updating’ can cause the brand’s Q score to plateau or down shift, not to mention the unnecessary expenditure of energy and funds as a brand scrambles to keep up. TENSHI’s approach to solving both the ‘when’ and ‘how’ is to concentrate on staying “top of mind” rather than technology-current. In other words, determining how to keep or expand a brand’s mindshare will help keep the brand up-to-date without continually upgrading and expanding for the sake of catching up in a space that will always move at lighting pace. When it comes to updating the way a brand connects with its audience, slower, intentional steps will yield a far better result.

Ars Electronica Linz GmbH is an Austrian cultural, educational and scientific institute active in the field of new media art. ARS Electronica, Linz, Austria.

A Model of Efficiency

We’ve developed an extensive mindshare program for our clients that emphasizes growth and efficiency, the foundation of which is similar across brands, but is strategically tailored to each brand based on various factors (e.g., resources, needs, goals, etc.). For OSTA, one particular concern was how to maintain brand consistency and speed of workflow despite the office’s ever-revolving chain of attendees and interns. We streamlined the management of digital content and designed a systematic brand protocol that standardized all office communications. Rethinking how Bridges, being an exclusively online magazine, was presented in the digital space, we implemented new technology and features to make the management of the magazine easier. To refresh the brand visually and to engage the following of scientists, we restructured and redesigned assets for OSTA’s Scientist Network by creating a clean, clutter-free persona, as represented in its new logo, to be paired with relevant and strong visuals.

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Author(s): TENSHI Staff

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